So, yesterday afternoon, I had cause to investigate the origin of the expression “Your argument is invalid, my hair is a bird.” I’d heard it used before, but I wanted to know where it came from, so I went to Know Your Meme and saw the picture of (who I assume was Nicholas Cage) the guy with the hair that was photo-shopped to look like a bird. Awesome. Okay.

But I didn’t leave the site as I was supposed to. Really, it’s just for reference, and now I’m … no! Stop browsing! There isn’t anything here for you! No! What have I done!. While looking through Inception-related memes, I came across an anime music video (actually an Inception trailer-parody mashup thing) for an anime I’d never heard of called Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Just so’s you know, this anime is freakin’ sweet, but there are very few people I’d recommend it to. Examples on TVtropes would have you believe that Madoka does to the Magical Girl genre what Neon Genesis Evangelion did to the Giant Robot genre, and I have no reason to doubt it. I immediately started looking for the episodes and the first one I saw was episode 2 (which I think I’ve learned was actually episode 3, but whatever) and I think I’m hooked. Holy crap.