I bought a beard trimmer on Amazon early last week, and it arrived last Thursday. It’s my first experience with … eh, an electric hair-remover, so I’m still adjusting to the concept. It’s so easy to remove a lot of hair at once, it’s a bit unnerving. On cookiemonger’s advice, I’ve named the beard trimmer Pablo. We’ll see if it sticks. I’m not really one for naming devices… *facepalm*

I experimented a little with shaping, and the first thing I did was remove a bunch of the top layer so the hair wasn’t quite so bushy. I wasn’t really familiar with the term “soup-catcher” (though I’d heard it out of context before) before it was mentioned by cookiemonger, and while according to her, it hadn’t quite reached that level, I decided not to give it the chance, either.

I left a bunch on my chin, mostly because I ran out of time. I didn’t have a lot of time to play with it on Thursday, and the weekend was full. When I got the chance on Sunday, I shortened the length to even it out all the way around my face (length is a step or two above “stubble” according to the instructions that came with the trimmer), and cleaned up my neck and cheeks to look more beard-like and less hedge-like.