As with Elysia and Nenshe, I’m planning on writing a story for Illyra — this one, like the others, taking place before the character joined the others in the Order of Orion, before the beginning of the comic. In the meantime, I’m working on revisions for the previous stories, “Shedding Light” and “The Constant Sheepherder.” I have some ideas for how to fix the stories to be more in line with what’s expected.

I can’t just revise them without working on something else, though. Just working on a revision or three doesn’t work for me, it feels too much like backtracking, I feel a need to work on “the next thing,” beside working on tuning up the previous stuff. Elysia needs less angst in her story, Nenshe needs to be less of a sociopath, and both of them need to do more, they’re adventurers, for goodness’ sake.

So, I’m taking notes for Illyra’s story, with the idea to get it closer to right the first time around. I’m sure, as with the others, it’ll take no fewer than four or five versions to get something I want (I need to get started, I’m still on version one-point-five on the first two) — but I’m compiling notes and doing a bit of outlining, and I hope to have something next week. Or, you know, whenever it happens. *snerk*