Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the day before yesterday, page 15 went online instead of page 13. This morning, page 13 went up in place of page 13. Either it says something about the chapter — it’s so confusing that no one noticed part of it was actually out of order — or something about the readership — either no one noticed or spoke up about the error…

…Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything. I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me this morning, so what does that say about how much I’m paying attention. How much does it matter? Ultimately, not much. The error’s fixed now, and from the looks of things, no harm was done. Nothing was really spoiled or I’m sure someone would’ve had their knickers in a twist. (Maybe they did, but they kept it to themselves?)

Beside that, there’s actually a bonus page today, which you can see by clicking on the little grey button near the bottom left corner of the page. I’d rather the thing just show all the pages in order, this extra step required strikes me as unnecessarily complicated … will certainly have to look into alternatives at some point in the future.

(Maybe I have the most polite readership evar?)