I’m putting together some notes to write a bit of short fiction about Elysia. The story takes place before Rumors of War begins, and even before she meets Obadai and joins the Order of Orion. One of the main reasons for writing this story is ’cause I can’t figure out how to fit some of these details into the comic, and they’re important lil’ character bits.

So anyway, I’m looking forward to writing these down, I hope to maybe put some sections of it online later this week, but that depends on whether or not I actually wind up writing something worth sharing. *shrug* Not that I’m not confident I can write something interesting, obviously, just that I don’t know how ultimately relevant the story will be.

I’m going about this story a lot like how I went about writing Fruben’s story — and I’ll come back around to him at some point, he’s got plenty more in him to delight and amuse. *snerk* I’m not sure if I can write the next part of Fruben’s story without making it look like I’m writing a novel — which I’m not. No, nobody gets a novel. Just short stories.