Since I wrote the story a week ago, I’m glad to be nearly done transcribing it. As I’ve gone along, I’ve made a few tweaks, here and there, to add information I know I’d be annoyed with out. I think I’ll keep the story the way it is until I’ve gotten a critique for it, and maybe a rewrite or two, and then I’ll repost it to the website somewhere. I suppose I’ll have to create a new section for short fiction.

I’ve enjoyed working on the story and I hope I find more where it came from. Fruben’s story has been an interesting experiment, and it’s helped me fill up blog entries, at the very least. In the long run, I hope I’ve enhanced my ability to create and develop a single character — why do I sound so hollow right now? I guess it’s partly ’cause I’m kind of out of it, but this writing sounds really stilted to me.

Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, and so on, and so forth. End result is I’m feeling better now that I’ve written something different. Maybe it helps me in the long run, maybe it takes me a while to figure out if it helped me at all. I don’t know. I certainly got some writing done. At the very least. *snerk* Since I already wrote the story, and it’s just a matter of putting fragments online, I estimate the last one will go up Monday.

Then I’ll need something else. :P