I’m only now finishing the story I’m writing for Elysia, “Shedding Light,” in my notebook. I posted the first part of the story this morning, and I’ll continue to add sections each morning for the next week or so. I think it’s a bit longer than “The Demented Shopkeep,” so it’ll probably take a little bit longer to get it all online. In the meantime, I’ll be working on another piece that I haven’t decided on yet. :)

I have a couple other characters I’d like to write about who haven’t made it into the story yet, and others who’ve only had a few lines here and there. I think it’ll depend on what I feel like “building” next, since both Fruben and Elysia kind of jumped out at me demanding that I “write them” doing something, and they both happened to be beginnings. I’d like to write something action-y but I don’t know how much control I have at the moment.

It’s taken nearly two weeks to finish “Shedding Light,” which bugs me a little bit, considering Fruben’s story took two days by comparison, but I’ll admit that I had less to do at the time. I wasn’t scrambling to script and build a chapter of Rumors of War at the same time (actually two, I think) or read and critique a couple of stories at the same time. *smirk* I suppose I shouldn’t complain — I’m doing fine. *shakes head*