The contents of this encounter were previously described.

The evening I ran this encounter was a bit confused — we had one player out, and another one come in a couple hours late, so I wound needing to stall for time. Thankfully, we had a lot of material to cover, from character background to setting information. I did pull a couple of fun, oddball events out of thin air that I might have to reuse at some point, though. One character found a book about truffle hunting.

The party made use of a ritual called Solace Bole, which allowed them to hide away in another plane of existence (the Feywild, to be exact) for twelve hours, while only one hour passed in the natural world. I had to improvise a bit in order to build up tension before starting the planned encounter, and I did so with a little misdirection. >:D

Once we had the entire party together, I started the encounter with the big bad wizard leading the attack (nasty encounter power targeted at Dave the Hunter >:D) after he opened the planar breaches. The trolls appeared on their turn in that same round, and started grabbing and tossing students into the vortexes. Once the party drove the wizard off, they quickly took down the trolls, and then the breaches. :)