There were several “highly cinematic” encounters I wanted to create big maps for ahead of time, so I could add all sorts of fun little details that are difficult to add on the fly. As it was, I didn’t allot enough time to do so, so I improvised a map based on sketches I’d made beforehand. The characters appeared by the exit of the room, though the door was blocked by a mound of mutilated corpses. (I really wanted to draw those… oh well.)

Despite having quite a bit of room to move around, the party mostly stuck to the room they began in, which was a little disappointing. It made a couple of Ragnotti and the shadow’s powers less useful — I’d hoped to create an air of claustrophobia, maybe get the characters moving around, of course, staying rooted meant they could attack every round. Perhaps if we had more of the party, it would’ve made more sense to seek cover.

Come to think of it, I really did build Ragnotti with the intent that he’d face at least five or six characters, because his powers were designed to scatter the party so his aura (I called it “No One Can Help You Now”) could hit any characters standing apart from each other. Of course, the main power I designed to scatter the party was the one he used the most, because he could hit the entire party in the room.