Concluded from an earlier post.

I was mostly satisfied with how the encounter turned out, the party was pretty worn out by the time the battle came around, and the fight pushed them to their limits — I know our fighter/warlord burned through all of his healing powers keeping the party (particularly himself) on their feet, and Dave the Hunter used all of, or nearly all of, his encounter and daily powers (he’d know better than me).

I’m pretty sure the thief burned through through all her uses of Backstab (and the shadow felt each and every one of them, despite being insubstantial), and every character was bloodied at least once, though some were bloodied multiple times. For some reason, I don’t remember whether our Dragonborn ranger, Gunter, did much to distinguish himself — it may just have been that most attacks missed him and he took comparatively less damage than the rest of the party.

I should point out, our party was down to four for this fight, following our first death in the party, and was designed to be a difficult battle for a group of at least five characters (that extra character makes a big difference). It’s remarkable they pulled it off without losing anyone (losing a character probably would have triggered a death spiral), and even moreso because I didn’t have to pull the creatures’ punches in the course of the battle.

I think, perhaps next time, I won’t spend quite so much time worrying about how the creatures will do their damage to the party. I think I found a formula that works for making sure the solos and the elites stand up with only their one standard action, compared to the party’s five to seven. I thank the climactic battle at the end of the adventure Menace of the Icy Spire for that insight.