The second encounter of Escape from White Cliff is an optional one that can be attempted by characters for any number of reasons — they hear cries for help coming from one of the lecture halls as they’re passing by, looking for a way out of the university — they might just be good guys looking to help others, they might be drawn in because they’re looking for aid in navigating the complex, or they might just be looking for a reward.

However it works out, they find a multi-level lecture hall (they enter the room at the top and fiery debris blocks the only other exit on the level below them) to find two students pinned beneath rubble. There’s a passive spatial distortion in the center of the room that brings in a bunch of wrackspawn either when the party attempts to disable the distortion or if they ignore it to help the students.

If the characters ignore the distortion to help the students, the monsters go after the students first to deliver a coup-de-grace (forcing the party to engage and protect), otherwise they target any character attempting to disable the distortion. This is a battle meant to make use of difficult terrain (the entire section in the center) to protect three artillery monsters and a controller while a pair of brutes keep the party busy.

The students in the room are named Fritz and Laszlo, and are able to tell the party of a secret passage in the school that will take them to WC-E04 “Rifter Madness” if they choose to take it. (medium skill challenge, complexity 2) Fritz is a reference to a character from the film Wizards and Laszlo is a reference to a character from Half-Life 2.