Setup of the second encounter was previously described.

I like to think our party was motivated by goodwill when they went into the lecture hall, though I don’t think they vocalized their reasons for going in. More than their reasons for going in, I remember the setup for their approach to saving the students: the balanced (melee and ranged) ranger and the fighter (melee defender) providing ranged cover while the squishier ranger (dedicated ranged striker) and the two rogues (fairly-to-average-squishy strikers) advanced to rescue the students.

Maybe it was a mobile-striker thing — I think of the five of them, the rogues and the one ranger have the most mobility-based powers (well, I remember at least one of the rogues has a number of powers based around movement and mobility), I think the priorities might’ve been a little skewed — the characters providing ranged support seemed to me to be the more likely to survive being separated from the group. >_>

I don’t think anyone was particularly surprised when the wrackspawn appeared and attacked the party, but I think I caught a couple people off-guard when one of them got to one of the students first and delivered a coup-de-grace. I don’t know, it might’ve been the first glimmer of “oh, this game master is willing to let characters die.” Of course, a couple rounds later, we found out just how far that goes…

To be concluded this evening.