(di — this entry is backdated, and was written around 2:30 PM)

In my pursuit to give Escape from White Cliff a broad appeal, the module I’m writing doesn’t make specific references to characters, places, or things from our own adventuring group. I plan to include some anecdotes regarding various encounters and how my group handled them in the final version, along with some advice for how to handle certain creatures or encounters. (Probably written in a “snarky footnote” style.)

Then general idea is that it’s easier for a game master to add names of persons, places, and things to specialize an adventure than it is to remove or change them. Once we’re farther along, I’ll certainly have more plot hooks tailored to the colorful characters that appear in the context of the adventure, and I might go the route of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft and give the game master multiple possible plot lines to run the game along.

This morning I was coming up with some ideas to personalize the adventure to our gaming group, things to help bring the party closer together, give them a unified sense of purpose, et cetera, et cetera. It’s a little difficult when not all the members of the party want the same things. I mean, it’s really difficult. Probably one of the things that makes running a campaign as much work as it is. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep communications open with all players and occasionally poll them on what they want to accomplish.

But make sure you, as game master, have some fun too. :)