Since I discovered what I was doing wrong almost immediately after I finished writing my previous blog entry about having trouble making pretty numbers for 13th-level encounters, I’ve been coming up with my encounter groups and pairings and whatnot. It came as a minor revelation that a difference of two hundred experience points at 13th level is just as insignificant as the difference of 100 experience points at 12th level.

The only time an amount that small ever matters is at first level, or when you’ve only that much to go before you gain your next level. It just doesn’t matter that much. Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the numbers, and I think that when I design the encounters for 13th level, I’m going to have a bit more fun and spread the levels of the monsters a little bit. The previous ones were almost all hovering right around 11th-12th.

I still want to adhere to Stalker0’s guide, which is to concentrate encounters at or immediately around the party’s level, but I also want to use some monsters that would just be more effective with slightly bigger numbers. I mean, I’m looking at this one guy who I could alternatively make an 11th-level elite or a 15th-level standard monster. In this case, I want to scare the party with his damage and defenses. Sure, he’ll have fewer hit points, but he’ll do more damage, have cooler powers, and … action points are overrated.