It’s been a while but I finally did manage to finish the entire second batch of encounters for Escape from White Cliff. (Encounters 6 through 10) I’ve built all the new creatures, outlined and typed encounter summaries, and squared everything away (neat and tidy) for Saturday evening. I built a more creatures for these encounters than I did for the first five but I might just be getting the hang of it. Maybe.

The second group of encounters builds on some of the ideas I introduced in the first one, but I think the creatures on the whole are less complicated. The first group had a number of monsters with auras and I found myself trying to cut the auras out at the last minute to reduce the overall complexity of the encounters. I didn’t wind up using two of the “main” encounters I developed for the first group, which is a little sad. I liked “Rifter Madness.”

The only thing that’s really left to do is write up the “key points” summary of all the exposition that needs to be inserted somehow between encounters 5 and 6 — I believe the Wizards of the Coast modules refer to these as “interludes,” but I don’t tend to require any skill checks or too much thinking during these. I refer to them as “key points,” since it’s they’re full of need-to-know info so the players understand what’s going on.

I’m glad to have the encounter group out of the way at this point, though. Time to get cracking on the next one! If I’m lucky, going at the pace we’re at, I’ll have two weeks to finish each encounter group before I run out of material from the previous one — at which point I start improvising. *cackles*