(di — this entry is backdated, and was finished Monday)

I have a lot to do this weekend, starting, of course, with the “design itch” I need to scratch. I just have to work on something. There’s Chapter 25 of Rumors of War that needs scripting (and eventually building, since the next chapter starts Tuesday), and there’s the next encounter cluster for Escape from White Cliff. (Encounters 11-15)

I’d love to do something for the first birthday/anniversary of Rumors of War, but I don’t know what — I don’t have anything prepared — though there will be two bonus pages on Monday (February is a short month, after all) if you want to count that. *shrug* If you want to consider the short story “Shedding Light” to be a birthday present … I’m kind of reaching, I think. (The story won’t finish until the end of the week, at best.)

Oh, and I think I already mentioned this, but we’ll be switching over to ComicPress at some point in the near future, to make sure the comic is front and center. I feel a lot better now that I have a year’s worth of pages — there’s plenty for a new reader to see, beyond the comic and the blog. Actually, Monday, we’ll have our six hundredth post. Coincidence?

edit: As it turns out, since I’ve stopped posting “placeholder” posts on the weekend, the 600th post will actually be on Tuesday. Math fail.