I’ve been thinking about it all day, whether I want to continue Rumors of War as a webcomic in its current form. I’m revisiting the reasons for starting the project in the first place and trying to figure out what, if anything, has changed. I started the webcomic because I’ve wanted to write a webcomic for years. It made sense to do everything myself because I had so much experience with failed projects that I knew trying to collaborate with someone made it more likely the project would fail. (Sad but true.)

Leading up to the webcomic’s launch, I came up with bigger and bigger designs for it, the idea growing from the year-long story to a four-year story, to a ten-year story. Recently I came up with a larger plot to take the story into the “epic” scale … but since its launch last March, I’ve reminded myself time and again that regardless of my plans for the future, the promise I made to myself was only for one year.

I don’t want to keep a project going longer than I’m willing to work on it — but by the same token, Rumors of War has been a success. I’ve been working on it for a year and I’ve been doing it. It’s still getting done. Regardless of my personal view of the project or medium (limited as they are), I have to acknowledge that the formula works for me. What do I do then? I’ll open the floor to anyone who has input or an idea. I don’t really expect anyone to suggest something here, but it’s the thought that counts, right?