Doing a lot of writing lately, but not the writing I want to be doing. Maybe cookiemonger is right, and I’m just feeling gloomy. I don’t know. I know that there are some things about my life that I’d really like to change right now, and there are some specific things that help me see the brighter side of life. Writing is fun, I enjoy writing, and I want to spend more time writing. There are obstacles preventing me from writing how I’d like do.

I like gaming. I’m spending so much time doing other things, and trying to get in my little bits of writing here and there, that I don’t get much gaming in at all. So sad, it is, to not be gaming as much. Hell, I must be feeling gloomy, it didn’t sink in right away that I bought 16 ounces of chocolate-covered raisins on Monday and ate them all by Tuesday until just now. I seriously ate a whole box of chocolate-covered raisins for a pick-me-up.

There’s something I’m not getting lately that I very seriously need. I have some time off scheduled for later this month, around the eighteenth. Maybe I’ll get what I need by taking some time off? Some extra rest? Maybe I’ll go to sleep at a stupidly early hour tonight. Waking up early before work might be something I’m craving. Sometimes that extra hour of writing before the daily grind can really be uplifting. Harumph.