I’m not sure what triggered the mode lock, but I seem stuck on Wicked and works related to Oz lately. I’ll admit, I haven’t read any of the books, I’ve only seen the MGM The Wizard of Oz and the Wicked musical. I’ve read over several of the TVtropes pages and have made several passes at the Wikipedia pages for the stories (both Oz- and Wicked-related), but I also haven’t been particularly inclined to pick them up or read them.

To those who are unaware, it should be noted that there are no less than forty official Oz books, and most of the more famous “details” of the land of Oz from the first book were actually manufactured by the studio executives responsible for the MGM musical. Most of what I know about the series, I honestly picked up by reading TVtropes and Wikipedia, and from perusing the tropes of various adaptations and derivative works.

I want to write my own world like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I mean, it’s just one more of those things on my list that I want to do at some point — create a beloved children’s fantasy book series. I do actually have a list somewhere, of projects I want to field at some point. I’ll just have to add this one to the list. So much to do… O_O