My lovely five-day holiday ends tonight. I’m going to shower tonight so I can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning, before I have to worry too much about the whole “has a daily schedule that he keeps” routine kicking back in. I’ve had a pretty big shock to my system — eating, sleeping, and exercise habits shaken up and whatnot. I’m glad for a holiday, it reminds me of all the things I work for. :)

Now begins the great debate as to whether I attend Anime Expo this year. Every year, for the last three or four years, I’ve spent the six months leading up to the convention going over all the pros and cons of attending. When I ran out of money to go to the convention in 2005, I nearly didn’t go, until I realized that joining staff would afford me a room and badge, and I only needed transportation to and from.

The last few years, I’ve been wrestling with whether to go or not, as my reasons for going in the past have changed. At first, I went because I’d never been, then I went because my friends were going. I started going to Anime Expo after that because I genuinely enjoyed the convention, then because I enjoyed being behind the scenes, working as staff. In recent years, I’ve gone because I felt wanted or needed.

But each year has been a little harder, the arguments shakier. Going to Anime Expo has become a tradition, and I talk about going like it’s my Christmas — in July, of course — nevertheless, the debate continues. Will this year be my last year?