Originally, this started out as a filler entry until I could get today’s writing done, but now I’m converting it into a simple account of the day’s events. I woke up a bit feverish around nine this morning, which of course was already too late to have my first entry of the day finished and posted, but the Internet had apparently been taken down in the story the previous night.

I took some time to transcribe most of today’s part of “Shedding Light” and cookiemonger and made plans to go somewhere with Internet access so we could both get our respective writings online (she participates in 750 words). We had quite an adventure getting to Jordan Landing, stopping twice along the way — once at Ab’s (“Home of the Fat Boy”) to thaw out cookiemonger’s hands, and once at Kneader’s for sandwiches.

We made it to Barnes & Noble sometime after 3 PM, when I checked email and started posting filler material until I could get the actual entries online. If I were to be really good, I’d make sure I have all of my entries for tomorrow done, under the assumption that there won’t be any Internet tomorrow, either, but I just don’t feel like it. I’m tired from the four-to-five mile walk in the windy cold, and I want to relax the rest of the day.

I actually finished scripting and building Chapter 24 of Rumors of War yesterday, which was quite a bit of writing itself. I’m sure I’ll manage somehow. :)