Last night I was sleeping the aftereffects of an all-nighter, courtesy of my rush to finish the second half of Chapter 23 of Rumors of War — I’m thinking I need to make another push to boost my strip buffer, this kind of thing kills me. Still, there’s this thing about working late into the night that gives me a creative boost. In fact, one of the reasons I wound up taking all night to finish the chapter is because I kept getting ideas for other projects.

I don’t know that I’m really a “night person,” because I really do prefer to sleep at night, and I don’t know that I’m a “morning person,” exactly, unless you count that my prime time starts around two or three in the morning. I like the part of the day when everything is quiet and I have lots of rest and lots energy, but it’s hard to catch anyone else awake and at the same energy level during that time. :/

Something about that particular time of day (or night, … “early morning,” I suppose) just gives me this idea that anything is possible — more than any other time. I don’t really like being awake around eight or nine of the clock, just ’cause I tend to be the most tired around then. I think I’d ideally being going to sleep around six or seven, but that could just be the crazy talking. I don’t know. xD