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The flame before her spat and crackled. A collapsing log caused it to send up a spray of sparks, and Elysia reached for one that came close to her, before thinking better of it and withdrawing her hand like a reprimanded child. She imagined the fire to be a wide, matronly figure, with arms crossed and a stern look, who chided her for her indecision. The fire did nothing to discourage the image.

Elysia recalled a conversation she overheard outside the temple, between a loud man and a few of the locals. He wasn’t a man Elysia had ever seen before, she thought he must have been a foreigner; he referred to a group called the Order of Orion, which was recruiting for expeditions in distant lands. She knew they sought students of tradition magic, like her. They offered passage, for those without wealth, in exchange for a term of service.

Elysia had learned a few of the mysteries Ravena had shown her, though many of them were well beyond her grasp, and Ravena had taken the scrolls with her when she left, leaving Elysia no copies with which to practice. Knowledge of the mystery wasn’t enough: she would need ingredients, too. However, Elysia was confident that any mystery the Order might ask her to perform would be one she could learn and master.