Working with Fruben has given me ideas for how to develop the Rumors of War characters. I’ve tried to make them as D&D characters before, but there was always something lacking. I don’t know that anything’s changed, but I do know I have a couple new ideas this time around, we’ll see how well they work.

This morning I did a little background development for Nenshe. Goodness knows he needs help with his background. Occela came prepackaged with background (lifted from a couple NPCs in D&D games I’d run before) but little in the way of personality, and Illyra came with a personality and no background. Recently, Illyra got her background, and Elysia’s background got a face-lift, so that pretty much left Nenshe.

I know I’ve noticed a significant lack of Nenshe in recent chapters. When you consider that each story arc takes place weeks or months after the previous one, that means he’s been around — just not where the action is. There’s a reason for that, it is on purpose, after all, it’s just that the little appearances he makes here and there are difficult to justify in the context of the recent story arcs. He’s up to something, that man. >_>