I did some very eclectic reading today, mostly centered around three topics: the structure of classical epic stories, eternal flames, and game mechanics in Magic: the Gathering. Specifically, I was taking notes on the sorts of things I’d planned for the future of Rumors of War, and how much of it I’d unconsciously “made it epic” in the outline. I think the scope will eventually work out to be about right. :)

I read about eternal flames because it’d been far too long since I last read about them, and I needed to know how plausible an artificial eternal flame would be, and what typical fuel would be for them (turns out many artificial ones were fueled by wood or olive oil). I actually came up with a couple cool setting details based on fueling the various eternal flames in the temples dedicated to Hestia in my setting.

I still do work on my card game/roleplaying game/board game from time to time, and everything feeds into my other projects — writing I do gives me ideas for games, gaming I do gives me ideas for writing — everything goes around and around in a big, swirling ball of ideas. It’s awesome. I’m still trying to figure out some hard-and-fast rules for ‘porting Magic: the Gathering concepts and mechanics into Fourth Edition D&D.