I had my first dentist appointment in some five or six year earlier this morning, which is why this post is late in reaching you. Given the five-to-six-year gap between this appointment and my last one, I’d prepared myself for getting some really awful news — something akin to needing teeth drilled, pulled, maybe a root canal, dentures — the worst. I was surprised to find out that things really aren’t all that bad.

I remember my pediatric dentist wanting me to come in every three to four months for cleanings. What changed? Well, I have a couple ideas — the first and most dramatic changes I made were to stop drinking soda and eating candy almost entirely. (Probably not bad for my overall health, as well.) I drink a lot more water now, even if it’s that flavored-sports-water crap. (It’s neither colored nor sugared, though.)

It took me the better part of twenty years to get in the habit of brushing twice a day. I miss an evening now and again, but I don’t skip brushing in the morning, like, ever. I’ve recently made a push to floss regularly. Before, I would floss whenever I got something nasty stuck between my teeth, but now I floss several times a week. (I’m hoping to eventually get in the habit of flossing every day.) Little steps, little steps.

So, I’ve some cavities. In about the places I was expecting. There isn’t any great rush to take care of them though, I’ve some time to get things sorted out. Considering my improvements in dental hygiene in the last few years, I probably have quite a bit of time, actually. Just, y’know, the sooner the better. It won’t hurt to keep working on getting my flossing regular, and to keep working on my diet and limiting my sugar intake.