I just found a dusty note while tidying up my desk, and I thought I’d share it:

Receptionist observed a “zombie” walking past our building. She described the woman as having her head tilted to one side at an odd angle, a vacant stare, an awkward, staggering movement, and a hungry-looking expression on her face.
— October 21st, 2009 4:40 PM

We had a minor zombie epidemic in Salt Lake City that summer, I remember seeing quite a few of them, both using public transport (mostly on the train) and while walking through downtown on my way to work. I came up with a list of visual cues to look for, and I was very selective in what I referred to as a “zombie.” They had to have at least four of the traits listed to count as a “zombie sighting.”

Some of the traits included the staggering walk, as mentioned above, vacant expression, lolling head and/or tongue, excessive mumbling, moaning, or drooling (in combination), smell of freshly overturned earth (I had one or two of those), large volumes of rotting or peeling flesh, open wounds, and inclination towards attacking or biting people. (I spotted a few smelly, peeling ones, but no rotters and no biters, sadly.)