Since I finished the rough draft of “Shedding Light” last night, I’ve been thinking about the next story I want to write. I want to write something else in the Rumors of War ‘verse, but I didn’t really know who or what I wanted to write about. I figured I ought to pick another character out of the main cast to write a story, probably another before-the-comic story, and I kept going through my list of, well, three: Illyra, Nenshe, and Occela.

Nenshe originally had a lot of character, but I’ve been waffling over just how much of a jerk I want to make him. I’m afraid if I make him too unlikeable, I won’t be able to identify with him or write him. So I have to find some middle ground, where I enjoy the character enough to write him — I mean, I think that needs some clarification. I want to write him as a jerk without writing him as a villain. I could easily write a villain. I just want a jerk.

So yeah, I think I’ve come up with the proper blend of background elements for him this morning, now I just need to make sure they all mesh together the way I want them to, and then get started on building him from there. Nenshe will play a prominent role in the next story arc of the comic, regardless of how much screen time he gets. I hope this next short story will help him get out of the wings and onto the stage where he belongs.