So, I finished transcribing the first draft of Fruben and the Demented Shopkeeper this afternoon. It’s kind of ridiculous how long it took me, considering I originally wrote it in two afternoons by hand — but this time around I was doing a little editing while I worked. I’d originally expected it to come out to about five parts, maybe a little over five thousand words, but I added in another seven hundred or so, mostly description and stuff.

I’m taking “The Demented Shopkeeper” with me to writing group tonight, to read for my quarterly challenge entry. I’d originally counted on finishing one of the two Rumpelstiltskin stories I was working on, either of which conformed to the “impostor” theme for this quarter, when Fruben came along and said “hello.” Or group is lenient in this regard, so I can use Fruben’s story, which was written “in the pursuit of” an impostor story.

Technically, an impostor, or impostor-like situation occurs in … the next story. But I haven’t written it yet, so I suppose this will have to do for now. I think I’m going to go ahead and start writing the short story I came up with for Elysia this afternoon, and maybe I’ll start posting bits of that next week? It would be pretty cool to get more stories online related to the Rumors of War ‘verse. (Considering how much I’ve talked about it.)