Last Saturday, when I was over at cookiemonger’s, I managed to forget the charger for Thanatos (my laptop). I was forced to improvise some thing at the game that evening because I didn’t have access to any of the notes I’d taken for the game (not that it was a terribly big deal, I think we went into things I didn’t have notes for anyway…), but it meant I didn’t have my normal source of entertainment for the inevitable lazy Sunday afternoon and evening — which I usually spend grazing on the Internet.

I got my charger back last night but I had to find something else to do Sunday, so I decided it was finally time to set up my desktop computer, which has been languishing in the corner, collecting dust since I moved back in September. Sadly, I’ve forgotten the name I gave to my desktop, which might mean it’s time for a new name — my previous computer was Sohma Ayame, a la Fruits Basket.

Anyway, I welcomed my desktop back into the fold by playing and beating Half Life 2: Episode 1 again. I’d forgotten how … disappointing the game is/was, I mean, it doesn’t really advance the story, even if it alludes to a couple things that will happen here and there in the coming episodes — I don’t remember any of the encounters being particularly memorable, except maybe that fight with the gunship on the roof of the building.