Starting this evening, I’m embarking on a five-day weekend. There will be comic and blog updates tomorrow, and over the weekend as well, but I will be updating from the luxury of … uh, my holiday. Because I’ll be taking one. Mostly I’ll be kicking around and putting off working on the comic until the last minute Friday night, and continuing to transcribe Elysia’s story “Shedding Light” from my notebook to, well, a digital format.

In the meantime, I’ve made some progress on fleshing out Nenshe’s background, and I started writing another short story, starring none other than … Nenshe. (There could have been a drum roll there, you’ll just have to pretend that my ellipses makes a drum roll sound effect.) I won’t be going to D&D on Saturday, but I let them know last week, and if I can find time, I’ll work some more on the next encounter group, and its creatures.

Now, without further ado … and I seriously kept trying to type “adieu” instead of “ado,” I’m going to log off for the evening and go start … enjoying … my holiday. Or, uh, something. You know, it’s been long enough since I took some time off on purpose that I forgot, wait, no, I’ve got it. Just push the little “schedule” button on the blog, and then shut down the laptop. I have a sticky note reminder to stop working. Thank you, me! ^_^