I’m doing much better in Psychonauts the second time around than I did the first time. I think there are a combination of factors involved — first, there’s the fact that I’m currently playing the game on my PC with a Logitech Playstation-style controller (which is textured for easy gripping) versus the Xbox controller which was slippery in my hand, not to mention the fact that I’m unfamiliar with it.

I have greater control over the key bindings, which means I can take the target-lock/camera-center button and shift it from the lower-left shoulder button to the upper-left shoulder button — which also helps prevent the controller from slipping out of my hand whenever, and I mean, every time I try to realign the camera or lock on a target.

Unfortunately, I still can’t separate the two functions, and I hope whomever decided it would be a good idea to bind the function that makes you look a different direction and lock onto a target (which you have to be able to see) dies painfully, preferably in a fiery car crash. “You want to target the guy in the as you run away? I’m sorry, I’m going to swivel the camera around so you can’t see him, and disorient you instead!”

So, at this point I’ve overtaken my previous save-game, which had me in the middle of Gloria’s theater of tragedy. I’ve finished Gloria’s level and I’ve collected the first of four playing cards I’ve been quested to collect in Edgar’s level.