(di — this entry is backdated and was finished Monday)

No matter how tired I may be, it’s never a guarantee I’ll be stopped or even slowed when I want to express an idea. I was exhausted this morning, and it didn’t stop me from hauling out materials to design a new adventure. Of course, I got distracted partway through the process, and eventually I re-purposed my mania to work on Rumors of War instead, so I made sure the surge of energy wasn’t wasted. >:D

While talking Oz with cookiemonger (a popular topic as of late), we furthered an idea we discussed earlier this week. A new project has begun to take form, and I’ll let you know what I can … once we’ve decided what we’re going to do, and how openly we want to talk about it. I’m not sure how large a role I’ll have to play beyond the planning stages, so it may not be fair for me to talk about what ultimately becomes her project.

What I do feel like I can mention here is that the next adventure I design, I plan to focus the encounters around “animate” creatures (the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons answer to the Third Edition “construct” type) and the “undead” creature subtype — in other words, robots and zombies. >:D