I mentioned this discussion about a campaign (or short adventure, or however) with five characters of the same class, and I thought I’d go through the various classes and come up with builds, backgrounds, or adventure seeds as a thought experiment. ‘Cause, y’know, I like to think about things. It’s a thing I do. *snerk*

The cleric is the first class in the Player’s Handbook, but I thought I’d go through the Martial classes first, ’cause it’s the first power source in my mind. I like the other power sources just fine (I’m partial to Arcane and Divine), but the Martial power source comes first in my mind, even going alphabetically. It might be a brain thing, I don’t know. Oh, and they have more supplement support (Martial Power and Martial Power 2, of course).

It’s worth mentioning that there are two Essentials fighters: the knight and the slayer. These classes are great for beginning players because they’re uncomplicated. Further, these classes can work decently among other fighters ’cause they don’t make use of the Marked mechanic, and though the knight’s defender aura stance functions similarly, it explicitly doesn’t stack. The slayer’s pretty much a wild card.

The fighter itself has six, count ’em six, class features to choose from when it comes to defining how the class works best, plus lots of other hidden features you only find when you’re actually building a character. Choosing a weapon should have an impact on power selection, as some fighter powers are designed to work better with some weapons, and it’s worth noting these powers work similarly for predictable group of similar weapons.

Blades (light and heavy) are often paired with the spear when you have a high Dexterity (for maneuvers based on speed or maneuverability), while spears and polearms are also paired up based on reach or control. Flails and and picks are often paired for control (sweeping attacks, normally), unless the pick is being paired with axes, … probably for similarity in shape and use? I’m not sure about that one. :/