Going back to the idea of an adventure based around a party of five fighters, something I’ve had an interest in for some time is creating a story similar to one found in a fighting game, where characters (even a full party of five) would bounce around from duel to duel, interacting with the world between fights, but with nary a dungeon crawl in sight.

Some of them could be partner or tag-team matches, some of them could be out-and-out brawls — with only the barest threads of an overarching storyline. Maybe something like Soul Calibur, where all of the characters are searching for a powerful weapon and come into conflict during different events. It wouldn’t be about arena fights, of course, that’s a completely different playing style.

The game would be based on individual conflicts over large encounters, and could have any of a number of different motivations — perhaps the characters are all students of a particular fighting school who must defend the school’s reputation, maybe they’re going out into the world to share the fighting style with the world, maybe they’re the same ragtag bunch of misfits, but they don’t stay in any one place long enough for a “crawl.”

Of course, a dungeon crawl here or there, even a “simulated one,” might be desirable for a change of pace, but the adventure would largely about cinematic fights with single or paired enemies, often with wildly differing combat styles or strategies.