I’ve been checking in on the “Tempest Technique” fighter from time to time to see if there are ever any better powers to use through a two-weapon fighter. Generally speaking, the ranger is the more effective two-weapon warrior because they have the most versatile two-weapon at-will power: Twin Strike. A ranger has the option to make two melee attacks against the same, or different targets.

Now, you still play a fighter for different reasons. First of all, a fighter gets better armor and hit points. You also have the option of playing a two-weapon warrior without relying on Dexterity, as the ranger does. I got it in my head that the best thing to do with a fighter would be to grab axe-related feats and do a Strength-Constitution build. I saw the waraxe and thought I could do worse — it’s a superior one-handed weapon (d12 damage).

Then I reread the Tempest Technique fighter talent and realized that to take advantage of its attack and damage bonuses, the fighter really wants to use off-hand weapons, and not anything bigger than that. So I looked at weapons with the off-hand property and found the katar: it takes the Superior Weapon Proficiency feat, but it has a pretty little +3 proficiency bonus (take all the attack bonuses you can get) and the “high crit” property.