Continuing in the vein of the “five fighters” concept, I came up with some basic plot hooks and adventure and campaign ideas for a group composed entirely of … well, fighters. The most obvious adventures start the group off as an existing military unit, perhaps a village militia, town guard, night watch, mercenary company, that sort of thing. Depending on the interest of the group, maybe even elite or royal guard.

The game could always begin in a briefing room, or in medias res on the battlefield or in mid-mission, when someone yells for the town watch, or perhaps in the morning hours before the final assault on a besieged fortress. There are a lot of different ways to play the first adventure out, depending on a few factors decided by the players ahead of time.

The characters might be green recruits, maybe they’re still in fighter school, or maybe they’re in their first battle. Maybe they’ve already been at it for a while (more difficult with a group of 1st-level characters) and the first adventure is either just another mission or maybe it’s a turning point where everything goes wrong. Depending on the first adventure, the rest of the game could go in the direction of any “normal” campaign.