I ran out of room with my last entry about a campaign starring five fighters, and I cut it off just after only mentioning class features and weapons. I’ve read over the guidelines found in the fighter’s section, and they can be helpful — to a point. (I’ll take full responsibility for that pun.) The Player’s Handbook comes with two incredibly boring choices: one-handed and two-handed weapon talents, which grant access to some mostly boring feats.

Battlerager Vigor is a sick fighter talent. Stick it on a dwarf and try to get 20s in both your Strength and Constitution (18 plus a +2 racial bonus) and you’ll destroy things. Make sure you wear chainmail (or if you can grab high Dexterity, light armor) to get the most out of the talent’s damage bonus, train yourself in the Endurance skill, and choose invigorating powers whenever you have the option. When you miss with them, you’ll gain temporary hit points equal to your CON bonus, and if you hit, you’ll get TWICE that many.

(Using the above combination with 20 Constitution grants 5 temporary hit points for a missed attack, or 10 hit points with a hit. A far cry from a cleric’s healing powers, but you won’t have a cleric to help you in this game because everyone’s playing a fighter. Still, it’s a pretty awesome combination, and you can pick up a dwarf-exclusive feat that further boosts the hit points from invigorating powers.)

Make sure you grab an axe, hammer, mace, or pick as your weapon with this build, for the same reason you stick with light armor or chainmail: the damage bonus. Since this bonus comes from the class feature and not a feat or other source, that means you can stack it, which is very important, because similar bonuses don’t stack in Fourth Edition. You’re safe adding an item bonus to a class bonus, for example, but not bonuses from two feats.