(di — this entry is backdated, and was written around 9 PM)

There was something missing from my day — a sense of clarity, perhaps, a sense of purpose. Drive, maybe. That Thing What Make Me Go Zoom. I don’t know where it was, maybe I left it hanging up at home and went to work without it. I have been getting uneven sleep this last week. Maybe all it needs is for me to get some regular sleep, drink water, eat food, you know — that regular stuff. Maybe go for a walk, clear my head.

Of course, it’s a bit late to do most of that at this point, I’ll mostly be looking at water-drinking, food-eating, and sleeping. I can do myself a favor and relax some this weekend. I can kick back tonight and wait until tomorrow to worry about things. *shakes head* I- Oh, I need to remember to look up equipment tonight before I go to the game tomorrow. There are things the players will need. But no, it can still wait ’til tomorrow.

There are other things on my mind, things that the day has done to me, that will take the next couple days to finish wash over me. I got rather bombarded with stuff at work today and it left me wiped out. And now I’m just rambling… :/