(di — this entry is backdated, and was written around 12 AM)

I’ve written some words of a short story for Nenshe but I haven’t touched the thing in almost a week. Actually, I haven’t really touched my notebook in a week, except to transcribe more parts of “Shedding Light.” (Which makes me groan each time I work on it, the writing is so rough…)

In the meantime, I’m drafting Rumors of War Chapter 25 in anticipation of, well, starting with a fresh story arc on March first. As I’ve mentioned before, Nenshe will figure into the next story arc, possibly even as the focus character — maybe I’ll have a short story for him ready at some point during the arc’s run. Maybe~ We’ll see.

I don’t … ugh. It’ll take some time. I think my main problem is that the part I want to write is after the part I’m working on. I know I can go back and change this first part I’ve written as soon as I’ve just … put it on paper. But first I need to get past it. Parts of “Shedding Light” were like that, too. I wrote them to get them out of the way, and when I go back to revise the story, they’ll be the first things I cut. *shakes head*

So, yeah. Nenshe’s getting a story. Some background stuff. It’ll be nice. ^_^;;;