I was thinking about this earlier this morning, around the time I came up with the plan to write the story of “the paladin’s journey,” how I come up with all these “write it quick” schemes. I have this issue with running out of steam when I write prose (maybe anything), that enough time away from it and I’ll lose whatever spark I had when I started.

…I’ll get bored and move on. Rumors of War is an odd case, I don’t know how to explain it — maybe I’m sticking with it because it’s episodic in nature, and I don’t have to write any definitive ending. But therein I find another problem: no ending. I’m longing for an ending right now, something to give me a sense of completion.

I want to write a story and have it feel finished. It can’t be my webcomic, of course, not if I want it to continue for another exty years. The blog certainly doesn’t count. Flash fiction has a certain appeal, something I might have to dabble in. I kind of want to write a novel, but I don’t think I have the patience for that, not yet.

So, I’m going to putter around and try some things, and see if I can’t figure out some way to get my feeling for an ending with something I write. Maybe it’ll even be RoW-related. I should be so lucky. *rolls eyes with utter contempt for self*