I am a genius! I figured out a way to conclude a bunch of the loose plot threads our current game master has from the last exty levels of play in our campaign. If I play my cards right, I can tie up the plot lines with the evil uncle, the strange dreams of one character’s destiny that binds him to a woman he’s never met, the grandfather who escaped eternal torment in a hell dimension, among others.

I was working on making a linear graphsort of thing to graph encounters and story for my own sanity’s sake — when I realized I had an empty bit I needed to fill. I looked at what I’d already come up with for that section and was at a distinct loss for how to apply it, when a light bulb came on in my head. The notes I’d made for myself (which involved a lake and a waterfall) sounded distinctly like plot our GM had introduced.

Rotating a few cogs in my head produced a fever-induced outline for how to integrate almost every single subplot introduced in our campaign since the beginning. There are actually a couple threads I thought I’d leave hanging at the end of the adventure — which would help drive the characters into the next one. :D