The first encounter was previously described.

Our party was only mildly concerned about being locked in the room until they began to hear the sounds of explosions in other parts of the building, then they wanted to disable the Arcane Lock as quickly as possible. I gave them a freebie, since they rolled high and I know I hate “wasting” good dice rolls, but since they hadn’t showed any real immediacy until the danger became obvious, I didn’t let our sorcerer, Arasys, slip in a Knock ritual.

Nearly the entire party was hit by the explosion that blew open the wall, and several of our party members remained deafened throughout the entire encounter (namely the warden, but that was more his own fault, really). The party’s attention was well divided between stymieing the advanced of the enemies, defeating the spatial distortion, and disabling the Arcane Lock. Ranger Dave did most of the killing during the fight (250+ damage).

Poor Arasys teleported into the range of the distortion just before its turn, got hit by its attack, and dragged toward the distortion. The party ganged up on one of the enemies (the brute) and took him down quickly. They were alarmed (to my exquisite pleasure >:D) by the wave of enemies (minions) that showed up during the second round, though they eliminated half of them before the end of the round. :O

I’d hoped to evoke confusion in this first encounter, and I think I got exactly that. >:D

To be concluded tomorrow.