Our party had quite a bit of motivation to go to White Cliff, and they were kind enough to provide a lot of their own reasons for going to the magic school. It probably helps that I’d already mentioned a few times that it’s the site of the next adventure anyhow. I don’t know if they were playing along or if they genuinely forgot but I think I successfully enticed them with lots of reasons for going there.

I gave the party a nice little introduction to the school, including some zombie stable-boys and bellhops, and a place for them to declare any magical items or ongoing magical effects they might be bringing onto the premises. I had a list of key items to mention during the introduction, and I remembered to check periodically to make sure everything was said. I threw a lot of information at the group in the first session.

The party got a brief tour, mostly of the east wing of the school, and were asked to wait in Allandra’s office, as she was currently unavailable (in the midst of an arcane experiment), and they were allowed to search the room to get an idea of what she’d been up to the last two months while she’d been at the school. I set up for a few future plot threads (yay!), and just as they started getting comfortable, I dropped the plot on them. >:D