I’m humming Smooth Criminal as I write this, because I think I’m badass. Wouldn’t you agree? Anywho, I’m popping in here to let you know that our D&D group officially (and smoothly!) transitioned from our previous game master to me on Saturday. It was an interesting event: we had one last battle run by the game master (the largest and most complex to date!) in a temple of the Raven Queen, during a wedding.

The game master more or less handed me control in the aftermath of the battle (that’s probably the best way to do so, come to think of it) while most of us were still reeling from the OMGHAX of what had just happened. He did an excellent job of throwing in a lot of the adventure hooks we’d discussed beforehand (even when I flubbed my lines and failed to make the impression I’d intended with my surprise guests).

The battle itself took several hours of real time, and there were a couple dozen NPCs caught in the crossfire. Beside ourselves (many of the party members didn’t have their armor at the time, or even their best weapons on hand), we had quite a few established adventuring veterans in the crowd helping keep people safe, but the enemies managed to grab several wedding guests as part of this ongoing kidnapping plot.

Best. Downtime. Ever.