It’s taken me ages but I finally finished statting out the entire first encounter group for Escape from White Cliff. I’m still way, way behind in where I’d like to be, and with Rumors of War to think of at the same time, I’m thinking most of my efforts will be focused on making sure the monsters are ready. Then again, inspiration may strike.

Today I finished my first “leader”-type monster, and I tweaked the base monster I created it from so I could have a bit more variation between them. I ought to go back and have another look at how the Dungeon Master’s Guide defines the leader sub-role when it comes to monsters. (Leader doesn’t count as a full role with monsters.)

I also discovered that some of the “featured” monsters I was looking forward to sprinkling into the adventure have background support, with the new information I received from our previous game master. Now I can go totally nuts with adding the monsters in wherever I feel like it — and they’ll be appropriate to the villain’s background. *menacing snicker*

Well, I’ll have to see if I can get cracking on the next encounter group, and hopefully I’ll have a full ten encounters completed before we begin the adventure in two weeks. (Or three, you never can tell how long our group will take with their downtime. *smirk*)