I spent a good chunk of Sunday working on making my notes for my adventure, Escape from White Cliff, more legible. I’ve used a number of different of methods to get as far as I have, and I figured it was time to start putting things into a document that resembles an actual adventure module. I’m fiddling with the formatting in some places, but it’s fun incorporating the things I’ve learned in the last few months.

I’m working on writing my first “curse,” right now, based on an article I read through Dungeons & Dragons Insider. Putting the adventure on paper (not to mention working on it in general) is a lot easier now that I know for sure what level the party will be when they begin — the highest-level characters in our party are approaching 12th level — and I have only a few weeks to go before the torch gets passed to me.

I feel a little anxiety here and there, but mostly I just feel a bit of anticipation. I can feel our game master winding down, it seems more and more that whatever he’s got going on at home and in his life are kind of wearing him down. I hope he’s able to relax a bit more once he can stop worrying about running the game and just play. I want to see him get to have fun gaming with his friends. :)