This just popped into my head, though I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before — weekdays are so much easier to keep the blogging schedule of than weekends, especially now that I’m doing things on the weekends. *ponders* Schedules, schedules, schedules. I feel inclined to keep up my self-imposed schedule because I made it up for myself.

It was a decision I made for myself and I hate being wrong or changing my mind when the decision is about who or what I am, or what I’m going to do. I’d hate to say “I’m going to do X” and find out that “X” is infeasible. I wouldn’t want to look around and say “I could do Y if only I had a Z,” then discover that “Z” isn’t a factor in the success of “Y.”

Weekdays I can blog, and I can do it in the context of the workday. I think I’m going to stop blogging on the weekends. I need them for other things. I have some entries I want to finish for sure — those ones from the Christmas holiday. With a little reorganization, I think I’m just going to shuffle the posts from this weekend off so I can say “as of the new year, I don’t blog on the weekends anymore” or some silliness like that.

Maybe I’ll take to gaming more on the weekends, giving myself a chance to relax, or write in my notebook more. I rather like that. I don’t even want to think about playing catchup on the blog. We’ll see where I take it.