Don’t get me wrong, I love to read. It’s just that this urge I have to read is positively oppressive. I checked through all my usual reading materials (Erfworld, Goblins, Order of the Stick …) and only Girl Genius had updated (Darths & Droids updated yesterday). Wanting something to read, at this point I’d usually turn to TVtropes, or in lieu of having time to read — The Daily Show. It might simply be a desire for stimulation. *shrug*

My day job doesn’t do much for me in the stimulation department. I used to be a lot more keen about what I did — I enjoyed manufacturing software and mailing packages all over the world. Since moving to my current position, I can’t help but feel underutilized. That’s honestly one of the motivations behind my work on the comic. I need something to occupy my “thinking” space, which my job just … doesn’t do. :(

So, I’m writing this here because I’m suddenly aware of it — this need to read, this need for external stimulation in the thinking category. Not that I wasn’t already aware of the need, it’s just that … I don’t know, it isn’t something I often express. Or maybe, not something I know how to express: this need to create, to learn, to grow, and to move on.