I came up with this idea for the first campaign I ran, and it wasn’t such a terrible thing, I suppose. When I think back on the campaign, the characters, the story, and the events we all took part in: I see them through a combination of nostalgia and self-loathing. As I said in a previous post, I probably made every mistake one could reasonably make, coming into the game as a new gamemaster, and all in a very short period of time.

I played favorites, I invalidated character abilities, I took revenge on the players for Real Life-slights — I pulled all sorts of ridiculous stunts to provoke reactions from the players. Of course, it was my first game as gamemaster, and there are only a dozen or so manuals (usually titled “Gamemaster’s Guide” and obvious nonsense like that) describing exactly why you don’t do any of the sorts of things I was doing.

Really, it’s a miracle that any of my players still talk to me at all — it takes a lot of love to forgive the sorts of things I did, and at the age I did. I mean, most of them got that business out of the way fifteen or twenty years earlier, when they started gaming. My development was stunted somewhat, from lack of input, but wow, oh wow, did I ever grow from my experiences. I eventually had to go on a convention “pilgrimage.” xD